The changing seasons
On the road. . .

Flying off again. . .

I'm off on the first leg my transAtlantic travels today, heading back to the States for the first time in two years. It's hard to believe that it's been so long. I'll post from the road if I can . . . and gather pictures, thoughts, and stories along the way, filling my pockets with such treasures to carry back home to the Devon hills.

I always grumble before the start of a trip, for I hate pulling away from the quiet rhythms of my studio when I'm in a good working groove. But once I'm on the road I remember that travel, too, is good for writing and art. It interrupts the work, but it feeds it.

No doubt I'll come back home, as I aways do, bursting with stories to tell.



I'm completely with you with about not wanting to tear away from the familiar routine, but, then, how important it is to see new things and get a new perspective. And, of course, to gather stories for the cauldron! Happy travels to here!!

Best wishes for a good journey full of wonder and magic!

I love that drawing so much. Her expression seems to say, "Well, this is pretty heavy, but just think where it's going."

Have an excellent trip.


So beautiful...I love your artwork...

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