Flying off. . .
The changing seasons

Tunes for a Monday morning

I'm back in the office, but only very briefly before heading off again on a 3-week business trip on Wednesday. In the meantime, I've lots of mail to catch up on, a dog to cuddle, and suitcases to pack for the upcoming trip. Devon is particularly beautiful right now, making me want to put the suitcases away and stay put with my dog and husband and painting studio (not necessarily in that order!)...but duty calls. As does the Sirens Conference, where I'll be in a couple of weeks, and where perhaps I'll see some of you.

The video above is of the Canadian folk duo Dala performing "Horses" -- and it goes out to fellow Dala fan Amal El-Mohtar. (It's lovely to have you back on this side of the ocean, Amal!)

My favorite Dala song is their haunting rendition of "Ohio" (Neil Young's famous anthem about the Kent State shooting, which is an all-too-potent childhood memory for those of us of A Certain Age) -- but I thought such a gloomy song might be too odd a choice for this lovely autumn day. (It's absolutely terrific, however, and you can see Dala perform it here.)

Speaking of Amal, I've been meaning for a long while now to mention her gorgeous new book, The Honey Month  -- which is so damn good it takes my breath away. It's on a long list of things that I'd intended to write proper posts about (a list that's growing longer every week), but alas, time has been in remarkably short supply in our house lately. So I'll do the next best thing: send you to the Papaveria Press website, where I highly recommend that you order a copy for yourself. The Honey Month is absolutely . . . delicious.


(Midori Snyder's review of The Honey Month is here.)