The Tilly Report
Flying off. . .

Sunday Walk

Belstone 4

Howard, Victoria, Tilly and I celebrated Tilly's anniversary yesterday with a long walk through the ancient hills of Dartmoor. Victoria (who's off to school and work in London soon) was the one who picked the route: her favorite piece of moorland near the tiny village of Belstone.

Me & Victoria & Tilly

We followed a stream through moorland hills . . . and Tilly, of course, had a little swim . . . .

Dartmoor stream

Into the water

Belstone 3

There were sheep on the moor, which gave Howard the opportunity to do some more essential training with the pup. This is sheep farming country, and chasing sheep is a thing she must learn to never, ever do.


Sheep training

Dartmoor sheep

We carried on under a glorious September sun, with Tilly close to heel when sheep were near. Eventually the shadows grew long around us . . .

The Dartmoor hills

. . . and it was time to think about heading home . . .

Belston 1

. . . with a very wet and very happy Tilly, for whom it had been a Most Excellent Day.

Tilly & me

Howard with our very wet pup