Flying off again. . .
The view out my window today . . .

On the road. . .

I'm in New York (all too briefly) on my way out to the Sirens conference in Colorado, and it sure is nice to be back. New York always feels more like my hometown than the places where I actually grew up (which weren't far from New York), perhaps because I did my artistic "growing up" while working in this crazy, wonderful city back in my twenties. Although I love the quieter, slower, nature-rich life I live now in the sheep-dotted hills of Devon, there are ways in which I still feel more truly myself here in New York, more than anywhere else. Even after all this time in the desert and on Dartmoor. Strange, isn't it?

Ellen Kushner, Holly Black, and I had a long, productive meeting at Random House yesterday about publicity plans for the new Borderland book, which will be out on the shelves next May. There are many interesting plans afoot. Today, more visits with publishing friends and colleagues; tonight, a NYRSF reading at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art featuring Catherynne Valente and Seanan McGuire, which I'm really looking forward to. (Perhaps I'll see some of you there?) Then I'm off to Vail, Colorado in the morning. A good trip, all in all. (But yes, I'm missing my pup!)

The picture above is one of my all-time favorite New Yorker covers, by Adrian Tomine. It reminds me so much of my years here as a young editor, commuting back and forth to work every day with a book in my hand and manuscripts weighting down my backpack. Below, in the bottom center of the photo, you can see the historic Flat Iron Building where the Tor Books/St. Martin's Press offices are located. (It's the triangular building in the crouch of the "V" where Broadway and 5th Avenue meet.)



Enjoy Vail. It will be gorgeous---maybe, a little snow!

I was up in the mountains near Vail last Thursday. The aspens this year are the most gorgeous I've seen in decades. I'm glad you'll get to see them. I wanted to come to Sirens, but I'm paying dog hospital bills instead.

I'm sorry I'll be missing you, Grey, but I understand those priorities!

that's a marvellous view over new York! Have fun!

I suppose the feeling of belonging to that city is strong! And the inner conviction that this is YOUR place... What an interesting programme for the next days! Have a wonderful time during the conference!

A couple of days ago "Rapunzel" was awarded again - I wrote in my blog about it...

Congratulations Rossichka!

Thank you! For me, you'll always be connected with my "Rapunzel"!:)

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