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Weekend reading:

Butterick posterAbove: A vintage poster originally published by the Butterick Publishing Co.

Three reading recommendations for you today:

1. Amal El-Mohtar's fine, provocative article on Steampunk fiction: "Towards a Steampunk Without Steam" (over on Amal is the author of The Honey Month, among other works, and co-editor of the mythic poetry webzine Goblin Fruit.

2. The terrific "Fairy Tale Reflections" series that Katherine Langrish is running over on her blog, Seven Miles of Steel Thistles. (And if you haven't read Katherine's most recent novel, The Shadow Hunt, yet: get thee to a book store immediately. She writes Young Adult Fantasy the way Alan Garner writes Young Adult Fantasy: saturated with myth and rich in detail to delight adult readers too.)

3. The "Mythic Friday Interviews" on Lucy Coats' blog, Scribble City Central (with thanks to Kath Langrish for the link). Lucy is the author of Hootcat Hill and other delightful works of children's fantasy.

Have a good weekend.

Doling out the spoons. . .

Cuddle Bunnies copy2

This is, hands down, the best short piece I've ever read on what it's like to live with a chronic illness: "The Spoon Theory" by Christine Miserandino (with thanks to Delia Sherman for the link). 

If you know someone who is ill, it will help you understand why they act the way they do. If you're ill yourself, it provides a useful way of speaking about the constraints of your daily life.  This is particularly helpful for those of us with physical disabilities that aren't immediately obvious. If you look reasonably normal (and many of us with long-term illnesses pride ourselves on living as normally as possible), it is easy for others to forget that you are operating daily within a set limitations: that you're not just being lazy when you walk so slowly, or when you take two weeks to answer simple emails, or when you don't have the "spoons" to answer the phone after a certain point in the evening, etc..

What do I mean by spoons? Read this excellent article and you'll find out.