Doling out the spoons. . .
Happy Hallowe'en!

Weekend reading:

Butterick posterAbove: A vintage poster originally published by the Butterick Publishing Co.

Three reading recommendations for you today:

1. Amal El-Mohtar's fine, provocative article on Steampunk fiction: "Towards a Steampunk Without Steam" (over on Amal is the author of The Honey Month, among other works, and co-editor of the mythic poetry webzine Goblin Fruit.

2. The terrific "Fairy Tale Reflections" series that Katherine Langrish is running over on her blog, Seven Miles of Steel Thistles. (And if you haven't read Katherine's most recent novel, The Shadow Hunt, yet: get thee to a book store immediately. She writes Young Adult Fantasy the way Alan Garner writes Young Adult Fantasy: saturated with myth and rich in detail to delight adult readers too.)

3. The "Mythic Friday Interviews" on Lucy Coats' blog, Scribble City Central (with thanks to Kath Langrish for the link). Lucy is the author of Hootcat Hill and other delightful works of children's fantasy.

Have a good weekend.