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Sir Lanval in Exeter

And so winter begins....

White Horse by Helen Mason

Today I'm posting Devon photographs by friends (with their kind permission). The first four pictures are by Helen Mason, showing Dartmoor in its beautiful winter guise. The standing stones, below, are part of the Scorhill stone circle, near the hamlet of Gidleigh, not far from here.

Scorhill 2 by Helen Mason

Scorhill by Helen Mason

Scorhill 3 by Helen Mason

I posted a few pictures from Scorhill last winter, if you want to see more -- but my photos, taken on a sunless day from a dying camera, aren't a patch on Helen's, who is a proper photographer in addition to running her own design company, Escape. She lives in London, but has so many ties to our village that we consider Helen and her daughter Carmen (an animation student whose work I've posted previously) honorary Devonians too.

Rima Staines and Tom Hirons took the next three photographs -- of Tilly in the snow with their mythic hound, Macha, on the hill behind our house. I love these pictures of the two dog friends together. They are the personification of joy.

Tilly & macha in snow 1

Tilly & macha in snow 2

Tilly & macha in snow 3(Click on any of the photos for larger versions.)