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Chimera Fancies


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Jewelry maker Mia Nutick (at Chimera Fancies) has started her annual Holiday Sale. There are only a limited number of these one-of-a-kind pieces, so you have to be quick if you don't want to miss them! Mia calls them Wearable Fairy Tales: "Old story books and glitter, fragments of dreams and mysterious messages from the Universe. Adorn yourself with secrets and poetry."

I love them. I won one one of Mia's pendants in the IAF Auction last year, and I wear it often. Since the "photo booth" picture I just took of me with it on today (below) is too blurry to show the necklace clearly, this is what it says:
my dreams
filled with
fairy tales and
the Black Dog

Fairy tales and Tilly. What could be better? 
Black Dog Necklace

The Tillster


They're amazing! I want one!

Also, lovin' that big black Tilly nose. Now how cute is that?

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