To sleep, perchance to dream. . .
Another tree. . .

Happy Anniversary, Bumblehill!


Exactly two years ago today we got the keys to our cozy little house, Bumblehill -- pictured above in its lovely hillside setting in a photograph taken from the top of our back yard. Okay, it's not spectacularly historic like my last house, a 16th century thatched cottage; it is modern by comparison, being one in a row of sturdy little houses built for working families in 1919. But we love it for the views, the light, for our His and Hers hillside studios, and especially for the woods and fields behind us, where we wander every day with Tilly.

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to someone in the following way: "Terri used to live in the most beautiful house in the village." And I admit it, that "used to" made me wince! I've decided, however, to take those words as a challenge. It's time to finally take up my brushes and to give our new house the murals that I've been promising to paint ever since we moved in. Bumblehill is a pretty, cozy, comfortable house, but it's not yet a mural-bedecked magical house. And here's my vow: by its third anniversary it will be. That's my challenge for this year!

Last year at this time, I wrote this post about our first anniversary at Bumblehill. It was nice to read it again this morning -- and to hear CSYN sing "Our House" (a favorite of mine since childhood) one more time.

On the road by our house Meldon Hill, photographed from the road in front of Bumblehill.