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Miwa Matreyek in Motion



Above: A Miwa Matreyek performance in Oxford, filmed for the TED Talks series. It's a beautiful piece -- and becomes truly amazing about one third of the way in, so stick with it.

Here's the description: "Miwa Matreyek creates performances where real shapes and virtual images trade places, amid layers of animation, video and live bodies. Using animation, projections and her own moving shadow, Miwa Matreyek performs a gorgeous, meditative piece about inner and outer discovery. With music from Anna Oxygen, Mirah, Caroline Lufkin and Mileece."

The link comes from William Todd-Jones (thanks, Todd!), who creates this kind of cutting-edge performance work himself ("The Virtual Cellist," for example) and ought to have a TED Talk of his own. Are there any TED execs out there listening...?