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Btown highway sign The new Bordertown book (discussed in my last post) contains a mix of writers old and new. Half of them (like co-editor Ellen Kushner) are writers who first created the series with me, back in our wayward youth -- while the other half (like co-editor Holly Black) are younger writers who grew up with the Bordertown books, and whose work was influenced by the urban fantasy genre that they helped to pioneer.

Janni Lee Simner, one of the latter, has just written a lovely little piece, "Running Away to Bordertown," about the magic of writing and reading urban fantasy. 

Annette Curtis Klause, also one of the latter, writes about her own journey to the Border on her blog, Human Oddity.

Snow maiden A Vedernikov, 2000 And speaking of good blog posts, are you all keeping up with the "Fairytale Reflections" over on Katherine Langrish's blog? The latest entry in this fabulous series is by Delia Sherman, discussing The Snow Child.


OK, I love this line from JLS's blog post:

"But it wasn't until I read or reread the Bordertown books this past year that I recognized, in the runaways seeking magic within its pages, that same longing that drew me to reading fantasy, and writing it, and dreaming of running away to cities I didn't know."


Reading all this makes me more excited. I also love the artwork I found on other posts on Bordertown. I can't wait to read this!

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