A Boy & His Dog, Part II
Happy Anniversary, Bumblehill!

To sleep, perchance to dream. . .

Tree Bed by Attiladesign
The next best thing to sleeping among the trees is a bedroom turned into a forest. I love (and covet) the "Apple Tree Canopy Bed," above, by Attiladesign in Finland -- as well as the magical two beds below: "Tree Bed" from the Shawn Lovell Metalworks in California, and a fairy tale bed from La Lune Collection in Milwaukee.

Magical Beds
At Weaver's Cottage, the little 16th century stone house where I lived for many years (in the center of the same Devon village where I live now), I made my own forest by painting the shadows of trees on the old cob bedroom walls. Being shadows, they're a little hard to see in a photograph, but they're there. (Click on the photos for larger versions.)

Woodland bedroom, 1

Woodland bedroom, 2

Woodland Bedroom, 3

Woodland Bedroom, 4

My village neighbor Danielle Barlow recently created the "Enchanted Forest Bedroom," below,  for her daughter Maddy. (Lucky girl!) Follow the link to Danielle's blog to see more pictures and read about it's creation.

Maddys room nov 12