Tuesday's Recommndation: Shadows
To all my American friends, family, colleagues, and readers. . .

Wednesday's Recommendation: It F*cking Gets Better

  Hal Duncan My colleage Hal Duncan, a young Scottish writer of mythic novels and a contributor to The Journal of Mythic Arts, has a video up on Tor.com right now that I highly recommend. Brit Mandelo explains:

"The It Gets Better project has been huge on the public media, the internet, everywhere as an attempt to save the lives of queer teens, or at least make their burden slightly more bearable. Speculative writer and all-around interesting guy Hal Duncan observed on Twitter that most of these videos would not have spoken to a teenage-him, and I personally agree. They are full of platitudes and well-meaning but unhelpful good cheer. They don’t connect, especially if you are or were a queer teen who was not just sad but angry. So, he made his own It Gets Better video, and it’s the best one I’ve seen."

Honest, obscenity-laced, wise, and even profound -- I admit it, Hal's video made me cry by its end. You can watch it here.

And while you're at it, check out Hal's novel too. They are wild, weird, and wonderful.


Hal Duncan