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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Tilly's Winter Wonderland

Are you sick of snow pictures yet? I can't help it, I'm finding such joy in Tilly's utter madcap delight in snow -- she's been in a state of goofy bliss since the storm began. These photos were taken in the woods behind our house on a walk with Our Girl this morning...although at some points on our route we were wading more than walking...and I came back as snow-covered as my hound.

Knee-deep in snow

Froudian tree

A quick note: As of Friday, I'll be taking a break from blogging for the holidays (and to catch up on work once again), so if you plan to send me Desktop/Workspace photos, please get them in by Thursday. Otherwise they'll have to wait until I return to the blog in January.


I have a 14 year old lab mix who absolutely adores the snow. I never grow tired of watching her bounce through the snow as if she were a pup again!

I am not sick of the snow pictures! I've been snow-bombing my Facebook page with similar pictures, because I'm a transplanted Aussie and snow is still a novelty for me. Also, I am delighting in my son's enjoyment of the snow, and, and, and ... it's just so flipping beautiful in my neck of the woods right now (rural Belgium).

So, by all means, keep posting snow pictures!

Happy holidays.

These pictures are gorgeous. I love seeing thick ivy twining tree trunks like that -- makes me think of bodies pressing against each other, even as Thomas Hardy's "The Ivy-Wife" reminds me to be cautious. And that first picture, mmm!

Solstice blessings to you, Howard & Tilly,
Thank you for all your sharings, the winter wonderland photos are terrific, you live in such a beautiful corner of the world!
Mo, Old Man Crow & Ariel P Cat
PS here's a link to our xmas card

Your snow is ever so much more picturesque than ours!

My cat doesn't like snow per se, but he loves snow air, and must be taken outside to sniff it periodically.


No, not sick at all...I want MORE! I'm loving them so much, it's bringing a little old-fashioned Christmas magic to this rather hot...and sticky (at the moment but it won't last) part of the globe!

I'm loving the snow. Your snow, that is. We've just got rain, rain, rain. (Not complaining, though!)

About 15 years ago I lived in L.A. and moved back to Connecticut, taking my Los Angeleno dog with me. When we had snowfall, she was absolutely furious with me for the first few days. How dare I let this happen? Then she got in to it and really enjoyed it.

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