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Winter Solstice Revels, Dartmoor-style

Morning Walk (a post for Christina in Australia, who asked for more snow...)

Dogs in a winter wood

Well, it's still a Winter Wonderland around here. I snapped these photos when I took Tilly and her friend Lyra on a walk earlier today. We forded the stream behind my studio, passed through groves of holly, stands of birch, and then made our up the slope of Nattadon Hill, slip-sliding as we went.

Bench in snow

Two dogs on the hill 2

From the the hill, the view looking back toward the village was heart-stoppingly beautiful in silver winter light.

Nattadon Hill

The village in the distance

And then down again...

Nattadon 3

...where we followed the stream...

Tree and stream

and, snow-covered, headed for home.

Snow-face(Click on any of the photos for larger versions.)