Another brief interruption....
And another brief interruption...

On Your Desk

Christian Merry

Today we start with the urban work space of artist and writer Christian Ceres Merry in New York City.

"My table out here in front is where I have been working," she says. "It has the nice sky and Lower East Side of Manhattan view. 'Kinda scary a night ago, when there was a fire nearby and I was thinking: NO, please don't take my new place away! But all is well. Patches [the squirrel we met in Christian's photos for the "View From Your Window Series"] and family are also doing well and nesting in for the winter :)"

Below, the desk of Leah and Shane Odom in Mount Savage, Maryland -- a small town about two and half hours from Washington D.C., in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.

Leah and Shane Odom

"From here we blog, write, draw, create, help work on Faerie Magazine, edit websites for our mask making business, and do all the many other busy activities that make up our funny little studio and family of wildwoses. (Our painting/sculpting area, where we make our masks, is near the desk, but separate.) At this time of year the desk is likely to be covered with bits of flying scrap paper as Shane is consumed by one of his many passions: paper snowflake cuttings. (Really, he likes snowflakes of all kinds and takes macro photography of them as well, hence the computer image.) The desk experiences many states of clutter and tidy. Covered in inspiring bits, leaves, acorns and other natural debris. Various Green Men tend to gather on it, and currently a Father Christmas figure, have joined the paper Tardis and tiny Buddha. Inspiring quotes and art tend to get to taped up on the walls.

"In the second photo [below],  Leah snips away at leather, crafting and creating Mythical Masks. We love this picture, for the studio is creatively messy, but not too bad, and the light was perfect that day. Sometimes the artistic process is sublime, sometimes . . . not so much!"

Leah Odom

Next, a photo sent in by Miss Bri -- a tarot reader, conjure woman, and traditional southern Rootwork practioner in San Antonio, Texas. You can learn more about her and her fascinating work on the Milagro Roots website. About the photograph below, she says:  "This is a pretty standard image of what my desk looks like in between readings.  During a reading it may be covered with books, scribbles, and Lord only knows what else.  This was taken right after a reading before the cards got shuffled back into the deck."

Milagro Roots Desk

The desktop below belongs to Carool Baaij, a craftswoman in the Netherlands. (My own desktop picture is on her computer screen, and one of my "Bird Girl" prints is on the wall. That made me smile!)

Carol says: "I used to be a dancer a long time ago. (See the picture of the last jump from the famous dancer Vaslav Nijinski on wall to the left.) Nowadays I sell silk fabrics in a shop in Amsterdam and I make little blankets in crochet." You can see Carool's charming creations on her blog, Colourful Carool.

Carola Baaij

And one last photograph for the morning, from artist and writer Karen Squire. Karen lives in Exeter, Devon -- a city not far from us here on Dartmoor.

She says: "This picture [below] is of my scruffy little desk up in the attic room of my house in Exeter. I use the space to write and paint in the hope of one day getting something published. (I am an aspiring children's book illustrator.) By day I work at the local newspaper so it's quite nice to have this little space to escape to after the chaos of the office! I'm going to be moving in the very near future so I'm glad to have this little visual record of my desk as it is now. I'm a little bit scared but also quite excited to set it all up again somewhere new for the new year."

Karen Squire

If you'd like to contribute a picture to the "On Your Desk" series, you are very welcome to do so. You'll find more information (and the address where you should send your photo) in the first post of the series. Click here for the full series so far, and here for our last photo series: "The View from Your Window."