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On Your Desk

On Your Desk

David Wyatt 2

To end the day on a more cheerful note, here's one more "Desktop" photo for you (with many more to follow in the days ahead).

This is the desk of my friend and village neighbor David Wyatt, who is one of the best illustrators working in England today. Click on the photo to see the full version, which is truly wonderful.

David's description of the photograph: "Composite birds-eye view of my desk last night. The untidiness achieves a sort of critical mass at some point, whereupon everything is swept away and the relcaimed oak floorboards that form the desk are revealed once more. This cycle lasts roughly a month, and this is only week one...."

And here's a painting of David's that I particularly love, called Fancy a Biscuit?


Fancy a Biscuit by David Wyatt

If you'd like to contribute a picture to the "On Your Desk" series, you are very welcome to do so. You'll find more information (and the address where you should send your photo) in the first post of the series.