A New Photo Series: On Your Desk
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On Your Desk

Delia Sherman 1We begin our "Desktop" series with two photographs sent in by writer, editor, and writing teacher Delia Sherman, in New York City. The picture above, she says, shows the writing side of her L-shaped desk, and the picture below shows the computer side. That desk (I can tell you, since I know her office well) sits in a lovely green room with a 19th century feel, full of books and art and William Morris fabrics. It's a peaceful place (remarkably, with Manhattan pulsing just beyond the windows), and a perfect blend of the old and the new...much like Delia's magical fiction.
Delia Sherman 2

Next (below): Jen Parrish's work table in Stoneham, Massachusetts. Jen is a jewelry designer whose gorgeous creations can be seen on the Parrish Relics website. "Normally my space is very organized," she says, "but the chaos of the holidays has spilled all over my desk! Too many projects going at once…." Despite being so compulsively tidy myself, this is exactly the kind of creative chaos I love to see in other artists' studios.

Jen Parrish

Below: the marvelously cluttered desk of writer/professor/mythologist Ari Berk, in central Michigan. The desk is in Ari's library, where he goes to write, draw, and retrench:

Ari Berk

"My writing desk has always been a sort of cabinet of curiosity," he says. "Some objects are constant company, others leave or join the party depending on what I'm writing about. There is a small standing stone (a gift from a river I fell in long ago); a wand collection (for plot conjuring, in a pinch); various stone artifacts and small carvings (I am always picking these up as I write, turing the past over in my hands). On the other side of my desk, below the small banker's lamp, is my son Robin's little desk, and often, we'll write or draw together, each on our own projects. And there are my notebooks. I never begin writing anything on the computer. I need a page to scribble on. So when I'm writing, I fill such ledgers with plots, scenes, characters, sketches—shards of poetry, prose and image—before any typing happens."

Our last photo today comes from book illustrator and film designer Alan Lee. Usually a neighbor of mine here on Dartmoor, Alan is currently in Wellington, New Zealand at work on Peter Jackson's new Hobbit films. Writing from his desk on the film set, Alan says: "Here's a quick desktop photo that says a lot without giving anything away - at the moment it's all about pencils, computers and people. You get three of us for the price of one: Karen Flett, coordinator, and John Howe, my fellow conceptual designer." Fabulous.

Alan Lee
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If you'd like to contribute a picture to the "On Your Desk" series, you are very welcome to do so. You'll find more information (and the address where you should send your photo) in the first post of the series.