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A Tilly Christmas

Tilly on Nattadon 1

I've been getting email asking how Tilly fared through the holidays (I swear that dog gets more fan mail than I do), so here are some photos for you while I work on Part II of my thoughts on "creative influence." (And yes, there is actually a dog in the picture above, if you look hard enough. Click on the photo for a larger version.)

The snow has melted, soaking into the land and deepening the colors of grassland and bracken.....

Meldon viewed from nattadon

Tilly misses the snow, but she's always happy for a run up the hill behind our house, no matter what the weather. We're grateful to the friends who have been popping by to take her out while we recover from flu (which has claimed every member of the family now), so her social life is more active than ours at the moment. What a blessing it is to live in a village.

Tilly on the hill

As for Christmas, she got a new bed and new toys -- of which the squeaky space alien below, from Victoria, is her hands-down favorite.

Tilly & the Space Alien

The doughtnut-shaped chew on the floor above, and held tenderly under her paw below, remains her most precious possession, however. Everyone who comes to the house is required to admire it, even chimney sweeps and delivery men.

Tilly at Christmastime

All in all, it was a good holiday for the pup. But then for Tilly, who must be the happiest being on the planet, every day is good.