Sniffles, art, elephants...and a Monday Tune
On the subject of influence, Part I

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Tree Girl by Virginia Lee

Two of my very favorite artists (who also happen to be friends and neighbors of mine here on Dartmoor) have got beautiful blogs to follow: Virginia Lee and David Wyatt's posterous. Virginia's blog is new; David's isn't but I only just discovered it (because he's so bloomin' quiet and modest about these things).

That's Virginia's enchanting drawing of a tree girl above, and David's "Peter Pan" art below, featured in the window of Harrods in London.


Peter Pan at Herrods


Yeah for this. Big fan of them both. And Peter Pan. And Lewis Carroll too. (That IS Lewis Carroll you're quoting, isn't it? From Jabberwocky? I'm a little rusty on my Carroll references.)


Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Read the book as a youngster and love the adaptations in the movies, especially the latest. The recreation of the Jabberwocky is excellent.

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