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This week's first tune was recommended by author & editor Amal El-Mohtar, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it: Croatian cellists Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic playing "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson, which they've arranged for two solo cellos. Absolutely brilliant. I haven't seen this much passionate bow-shredding since the last time I caught a Seth Lakeman gig -- so I've included one of Seth's videos, below. He's a Dartmoor lad, perfoming a song steeped in local maritime history and folkore.


Absolutely wonderful, so much passion exuded by these artists gets to the core of me. I am thrilled to see Michael's musical genius interpreted in a different vein and hope to see more interpretations in the future. Thank you for posting this, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

that was brilliant - what a treat to perk up a monday morning - thank you!!
this is my absolute favourite seth video *sigh*
i saw him live in lincoln 6 months after my stroke in 2007 - took me a week to recover, but i was soooooooooo worth it :)
sadly he hasn't come back to this hinterland :(

Wow, I've always thought the cello was one of the most beautiful instruments, but that was truly awesome! If you like blues at all, I've posted a video on my blog of a local singer/songwriter that I saw perform last I want to play Blues like her. Oh, wonderful, wonderful music, I love it all!

That was really remarkable. Thank you. I will show this to my little girl so she can see that the term "bow shredding" is sometimes literally!

The Seth Lakeman Video isn't available in the US, so I looked up one that was:

Hi Terri, I just have to say thanks, I have been reading your blogs for a few months now. Wow, I feel like you are making me Paint. Like I am finding my voice at 49, like it's not too late. I can't put down the Wood Wife. The passion of todays Croatian cellists went straight to my core, a pity I couldn't open the Seth Lakeman video here in Massachusetts. Know that your posts ARE moving people. Well, they're getting to me anyway.You have made me think deep and want to keep working even in this freezing gray winter.
Warm wishes.

Oh my. Those cellos. I'm head over heels in love.

Sorry folks, I didn't realize that the Seth Lakeman video won't play in the U.S., which is a pity because I think it's his best one. But you can see other videos and hear his amazing music on his website:

Thank you for your kind words. If you feel inspired to create after visiting this little blog, then that's the best of all possible compliments.

Is it just me, or was that reeeally sexy? Found myself biting my hand... (If it is just me, let's keep this between ourselves, hey? No need to inform the professionals.)
I'm missing the gene responsible for Seth-loving (and shopping, I think), but those cellists. Phew! I'm all of a dither.If only I could be bothered to carry one about, that would be the instrument for me. I'll stick to the harmonica for now though.
Thanks Terri, you can be relied on for something different.

It's not just you, young men being passionate with cellos *is* really sexy. So is the second video, for those of us with the Seth-loving gene.

I also love this video of Luka Sulic playing flamenco:

I adore Seth's music, but, if truth be told, thought the man himself rather short and plain. Then I saw him live .... WOW. What passion and magnetism! I went wobbly at the knees as if I was a teenager again.

I'm a little late listening on Tuesday morning.... I might have had a tough time re-entering my role as a professor after watching the first video- yes, SEXY! And I;ll have to look up the Seth Lakeman, seems we are blocked in the US... Thanks for a rockin' Tuesday morning!

OhGoodLord! Waaaah! The recording is so good you can even hear him breathing hard as he plays. Do I have a new guilty pleasure? Yes, yes, I think I do.

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