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BasementStudio(Click on the image for a larger version.)

The two desktops in the picture above come from Leland Purvis in Portland, Oregon. Besides being one my favorite people, and married to another one of my favorite people, Leland is an amazing artist and creator of books published in the comics and YA fields. His publications include the "Vox" series, the "Pubo" series, Suspended in Language (with writer Jim Ottaviani), and the new "Resistance" graphic novel trilogy (with writer Carla Jablonski).

About the photo(s) above, Leland says: "Basement studios aren't ideal, but I seem to find myself in them again and again. There's a quality about being down and away from the world, sealed off from indications of time and weather, that allows for a focus otherwise more difficult to maintain. It isn't just about having a place to work, but a 'placeness' that provides conditions in which I can direct my attention, deliberately, repeatedly. I can spend hours below fostering worlds on paper with brushes and return to discover the surface changed and grown while I was away."

Oh boy, can I relate to that....

To see Leland's art and learn more about his books, visit his website and his blog, Purvision. I've also include a few sketches below, just to give you a taste....

By Leland Purvis

Scarecrow by Leland Purvis


Coltrane by Leland Purvis

Our next desk comes from an artist and writer who also has a strong interest in comics: Robin Berk in central Michagan. Robin (who is 8) lives with his parents, Ari Berk and Kristen McDermott, and a lively new kitten named Gwynneth. Both of his parents are writers, and his father also paints; creativity is the Family Business.

About the photo below, Robin says: "Well, I like to draw at my desk, that's what it's basically for. I like to draw fantasy pictures, science pictures, and science fiction pictures. Some of the pictures come from things I read, or stories I hear, like myths and legends."


"On my desk right now is a black hole picture; a comic book I am working on; a wand from my friend John Vickery who lives on Dartmoor; a three-eyed green monster I drew and cut out; lots of drawing supplies like pencils, markers, glue sticks, a stapler; and lots of paper. My desk is located in a corner of my dad's study, right in front of his desk [featured in this "On Your Desk" post on December 14th]. It's nice that our desks are facing each other because we can look at each other while we're writing or drawing.

"Here are three of my drawings (below): Medusa, A Feast For Two Rats, and The Gross-Guts Skeleton: "




"The skeleton hangs in our front hall," says Robin, "and his legs, fingers, neck and head are all jointed with paper fasteners so he can bend and move. He sort of guards the front door."

And no doubt does a good job of it too!

Our final work table of the day belongs to fiber artist and poet Karen Obermiller. ""I live in Otter Tail County, Minnesota," says Karen, "where the prairie meets the forest. I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment for now,  and I've limiting my art work to knitting hats. Even so, the yarn and finished work are creeping forward into corners and over couches like spring unfurling. It's a wilderness.

"The photograph (below) shows my workspace on a fairly tidy day. If you look carefully, the book at the bottom of the pile is The Wood Wife, which I'm just starting."

Karen's desk

To view (or purchase) Karen's rather fabulous hats, please visit her Etsy shop, Pseko Designs. "I've also just shyly begun a new blog," she says, which you can visit here.

Nefertiti's Hat by Psekeo Design

More desks to come....


All readers of this blog are welcome to contribute to the "On Your Desk" series. You'll find more information (and the address where you should send your photo) in the first post of the series.