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Desert Stories: Migration


Nice. This artform suits you.

Thank you, dear! Big hugs to you and Emma in the desert, sent across the ocean on a windy morning in Dartmoor.

City Trees by Felix Dennis says it all

These trees, which men humiliate,
Stand patient in secret joy,
Their brothers wait beyond the gate-
And where is Carthage?
Where is Troy?

Beautiful...images and words. There is a poem by D.H. Lawrence that I love, 'Corot'. I memorised the last verse when I was about 17, and carry it with me still.

Ah listen, for silence is not lonely.
Imitate the magnificent trees
That speak no word of their rapture, but only
Breathe largely the luminous breeze.

I love the 'City Trees' quote...so much is being said in such few words.

I've just had a quick look at Corot...a lovely piece that requires further study. By the way I like your blog (horrible word...I wish somebody would come up with a more poetic alternative. Good luck with guitar playing. Give open G (DGDGBD) a try for Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters type blues.

*breathes in morning dose of magic*

*is happy*

The trees are beautiful. Makes me miss the Redwoods I grew up under. Thanks again for the lovely pics of your world.

I find it so comforting that I will never get to the end of all the stories my trees have to tell.

I love these photographs and mini story poems. They would (will?) make a truly beautiful book someday, if you ever want to collect them in that way.

I love old trees so much. Thank you for sharing. It's nice to see some green when there's only white out the window.

This is wonderful.


Stunning. I needed that today, thank you.

Thanks Steve, I'm having so much fun exploring the world of guitar! And I agree, we DO need a nicer word for blogs!

so inspiring...

There is something about wandering in the UK forests which is incomparable; maybe it's the fact there are areas when you realise how YOUNG you are in comparison to the rest of the wood.

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