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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Today's first tune is a live performance of "Ever So Lonely" by the exquisite Sheila Chandra, whose influences range from Indian, Irish, and other traditional musics to the exploration of drone sounds from cultures around the world.

"I think this whole orchestral thing and this pop thing with chords and everything is just this maverick offshoot," she says in a fascinating interview with John Schaeffer that ranges from drones to mythic crones to celestial harmonics. "Its kind of an upstart movement, isn't it? That has nothing to do with what our biology dictates, because we drone. As long as we're alive we drone. We emit frequency, from the stapes bone in the middle ear, where apparently we emit the average of all the frequencies that we are, and also the blood rushing in our ears, and I think that stapes bone thing can be heard late at night when you can't sleep and there's this awful high pitched drone which seems really, really loud? I think that's the one it is. So, drones are present so long as we're present, so long as the listener is present. So, it's almost true to say that drones are at the essence of our aliveness."

Below, Chandra "performs a piece of vocalised taal — a kind of really-old-school beatboxing used by Indian classical music percussionists to practice their parts without an instrument."

A lovely way to start the week and the workday, centered in the "essense of aliveness," of blood and bone and balance and beauty.