On Your Desk
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On Your Desk

Susie's desk 1

Carrying on from yesterday's post, today's desktop/workspace photos come from Susie Yorke, who is also part of the new generation of artists here in the village. Susie is an amazingly multi-talented woman who paints, writes, and sings with the all-girl acapella group The Wild Violets, all while maintaining a busy acupuncture practice, occasionally teaching both acupuncture and yoga, and raising her daughter Silvie.

"My workspace," she says, "is in the Old School House, which used to be the primary school for the village about seventy years ago or so. It is an old granite building that has now been converted into three houses, and I live in the first house. My workspace (which these days is also my living room and my bedroom) has a high beamed ceiling and a view from a lovely window seat across to beautiful, brooding Meldon Hill and Kes Tor on the moor. I love lounging here, and reading in the warm sunshine given any opportunity. Books are vital to my inspiration. Hung above the desk are paintings by the wonderful Virginia Lee [whose desktop is here] and Natalia Pierandrei [whose desktop is here], as well as one of my own paintings that is too big to store anywhere!

"I often have my PA set up for practicing singing. In addition to singing with The Wild Violets, I also do a little bit of folk with the (amazing) artist David Wyatt [whose desktop is here] and currently I'm working on some blues tracks with Bobby Gilbert on piano. I have a big old woodburner in here that has kept us warm and cozy on warm winter nights while we make merry music."

Susie's workspace 2

Susie's desk 2

"My desk is a 'no go' area for my nearly-four-year-old daughter, and so I know I can put anything on it that I want to keep safe. I have had butterfly wings, a perfect emperor dragonfly, fox skulls and tiny bones and leaves that I have found whilst out walking the land tucked up there -- and so it is a place for delicate precious inspirational things as well as dirty painty things!"


"My paintings are an expression of myth, of magic, of archetype, and of the spirit of the land. My music is anything that moves and grooves my soul. I see both these things as necessary to my well-being and to my functioning; without them, even in the small, time-constrained way motherhood forces upon me, I would be empty."