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Little Red Riding Hood The "Re-enchantment" website has been launched this week. Created in Australia, the project is described as "an immersive journey into the hidden meanings of fairy tales." I haven't had the chance to explore the whole site yet, but it looks interesting. I'll be curious to know what folks in the fairy tale literature & scholarship community think. 

The site's creators asked me some time ago if they could use some of my fairy tale art, and I feel honored to see my "Little Red Riding Hood" (pictured here) included in the Exhibition section alongside amazing artists such as Paula Rego, Kiki Smith, and Jeanie Tomanek. More of my work appears under the label "User Gallery" -- a section of the site where viewers are encouraged to upload their own images -- and that's a bit odd, implying that I put it there myself, not the site's designers. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Hmmmm. But nevermind, it's a small quibble and fairy tale projects for adults are rare enough to be worth supporting.

There's a Facebook page for updates on the project here, and Twitter updates here.