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Wild Daffodils

Tilly among the daffodils

Daffodils are blooming among the trees in the magical woodland behind our house. In the Language of Flowers, they represent rebirth, new beginnings, fresh undertakings, and I want to be ready for all these things...to break out of the habits and mindset of a winter of illness and hibernation.

Wild daffodils

The trees of the wood are beginning to green up, and the bluebells (representing constancy) have started to poke their tender new shoots through the leaf mulch carpeting the forest floor. The woodland is rich in animal smells and Tilly (who is on heat at the moment, bless her) paces beside us with her nose twitching, grinning broadly with olfactory delight....


Agility training

Howard & Tilly 2

Howard and I, we're delighted too. We've survived another Dartmoor winter, and the spring is truly here at last. In this time of daffodils and new beginnings, ideas start to percolate once more, sketches take form on the drawing board, words are scratched across notebook pages and pecked onto computer screens, and Art pokes upward through the leaf mulch of our dreams, of our souls, reaching for the light.


New beginnings