Into the bluebell woods...
Joanna Russ (1937 - 2011)

Recommended Reading:

Tilly & Howard Gayton April 2011

* The first issue of Demeter's Spicebox is now online, from the fantastic crew behind Cabinet des Fées. This issue focuses on the "Tatterhood" folk tale, with excellent new work by Shveta Thakrar and Mari Ness. Congratulations to all involved.

* Two terrific stories from Subterranean Magazine's Special YA Issue (edited by Gwenda Bond) can be read online: "The Fox" by Melinda Lo and "Younger Women" by Karen Joy Fowler. If you're like me, you'll want to read the whole issue. The Table of Contents looks absolutely stellar.

* Rush-that-Speaks discusses T.H. White's "The Goshawk," and the subject of patience, in a fascinating, beautifully penned review on LJ and Dreamwidth (via Amal El-Mohtar). Dont miss this one.

* Justine Musk posts a "creative badass manifesto" on her Tribal Writer blog...and Theodora Goss responds with her own thoughts on writing.

* Californian events designer Tricia Fontaine brings a new dish to the Moveable Feast about blogging, over on her Conversations with the Muses.

* Dartmoor artist David Wyatt revisits his delightful Old Goat's Home on his Posterous blog.

* Are you familiar with Chris Sheridan's paintings? He does some very interesting things with mythic archetypes, magic, and tricksters...and has a new exhibition up later this spring if you're anywhere near the D.C. area.

* If you're in the NYC area, don't miss Alchemically Yours at the Observatory in Brooklyn (beginning May 7th): a group exhibition curated with Phantasmaphile's Pam Grossman. It looks magical indeed.

* Also for alchemy fans: a new Friday post has just gone up over at JB, with more fabulous Tarot-based imagery.

* In the "shameless promotional plug for a friend" department: If you live in Devon and are interested in martial arts, there is absolutely no better teacher than Damien Hackney. He's just put a handsome new website up, which you can find here. (Damien previously appeared on this blog back in February, playing fiddle in our kitchen.)

* Max Lindenman looks at this week's Royal Wedding from a pagan/folkloric persective, over at the Catholic blog The Anchoress (via Midori Snyder). A funny little article, with interesting comments -- though for the record, we're Republicans in my household (in the British sense of that word, not the American one) and wish that UK tax-payer's money was being spent to keep libraries and rural post offices open instead. <sigh>

* For two visions of Easter in the English countryside: Karen Davis, in Wiltshire, visits a wildlife rescue centre over on Moonlight and Hares; and Danielle Barlow, here in Devon, rolls Easter Eggs from one of the hills above our village, over on Notes from the Rookery. The photographs on both blogs are charming.

It was a quiet Easter weekend here at Bumblehill, just gardening and cooking and hanging with the pooch. This is the busier week for us, with artist friends visiting from France, and other close friends moving house, and Howard's band playing two gigs, and the Royal Wedding circus to staunchly ignore. Convalescence means that the number of social events I find myself missing is still running quite a bit higher than the number of things I actually make it to, but... Patience. Patience. In art. In life. All things come in their own good my wise husband and pup remind me daily. And that's the two of them, of couse, in the studio picture above, making beautiful music together.

Have a good weekend.