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Will's desk 1

The desktop photo above comes from Will Shetterly, the author of many fine stories and books -- the latter including Dogland, The Gospel of the Knife, Midnight Girl, and two Bordertown novels that have been deeply loved by a generation of readers: Elsewhere and Nevernever. Will lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife (writer Emma Bull), a couple of cats, a horse (not his own), and daily visits from assorted desert wildlife. His desk sits in a light-filled yellow room that opens onto a walled desert garden.

About the photograph, he says: "I got an Ikea desk in the '90s that I've modified over the years: It's been painted a couple of times, and I used a sabre saw to cut out two of the shelves. Recently, wanting a standing desk, I rearranged the shelves and added 8" plastic bed risers from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It's perfect now for standing. The mat is a $10 kitchen mat from Target. I don't always wear the shoes when I work, though I probably should: if you stand a lot, good shoes help prevent problems like swollen feet. Because it's nice to go between standing and sitting, I bought a stool on clearance at Target (pictured below). That's Terri's painting 'Oliver and the Desert Fairies' hanging on the wall."

Will's desk 2

And speaking of desktops, here's a link to a previous blog post (from 2009) discussing "The Writer's Desk" by Julie Krementz, a wonderful book of photographs containing a variety of interesting workspaces. (Many thanks to Michelle in NYC for reminding me of the book.)  There are also links in the post and in the comments that follow to other photographs of creative workspaces. ________________________________________________________________________

All readers of this blog are welcome to contribute to the "On Your Desk" series. You'll find more information (and the address where you should send your photo) in the first post of the series, and you can view the full series here.