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On Your Desk


Today's workspace photos come from our friend Chris Back, a fine woodworker and amazing musician/song-writer who lives in Moretonhampstead, the next village over.  Our two villages are traditional rivals (dating back to the English Civil War, when Moretonhampstead supported the Parliamentarians and Chagford was a Royalist town), but both villages have strong art and music scenes with a lot of backing-and-forthing between them.

"I make furniture and other wooden things," Chris says, "from my home granite workshop looking out over my small garden in the the middle of Moretonhampstead. It's small but it's warm and light and the kettle is not far away for my too-often and too-long tea breaks."


"Larger things I have to make to commission, but the smaller pieces I design on the spot when I come across an interesting piece of wood. I'm still finding my way with design and technique (isn't everyone?). A lot of my stuff is quite contemporary looking, with clean lines and a mix of woods; but I actually love history, and I'm soon going to make some more historically-inspired pieces -- even if, because of space, they're only models. In fact, I'm currently making a model bookcase for local artist Hazel Brown's beautiful miniature books. [Hazel was one of the "Faery Godmothers" whose desks were featured in this previous post.] The photos below are of two jewellery boxes that I've just finished."



"My other 'workshop' is my upstairs lounge overlooking the Dartmoor hills, where I write and practice on my guitars. I'm in two bands: a three piece acoustic band, The Levi Moretons, and an electric blues band, The Johnsons Blues Explosion -- both soon to be playing in Terri's wonderful village of Chagford."


Howard and I are big fans of The Levi Moretons, by the way, whose music ranges from roots rock and blues to English folk and American bluegrass. Since I know a lot of you out there are Richard Thompson fans, here's their gorgeous version of "Down Where the Drunkards Roll":