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And here's what has made my day...

Tune for a Monday Morning

I need a little Eric Bibb today. Last week was a little...pensive. It's a brand new day, with blue peaking through the clouds, and time to kick out the jams...

. . . which is one of those American expressions that would make my British husband look at me blankly, were he not off in Portugal right now. Tilly, who is fluent in Body Language (if not in American English), knows exactly what I mean. She's thumping her tail and looking up at me, bright-eyed and eager. Okay pup, let's roll.

This one goes out to David Amos Todd-Jones this morning. Congratulations on completing another Dartmoor Ten Tors challenge, and happy birthday!

David Todd-Jones, then and nowYoung David, and David now. Photographs by Carol Amos; posted with permission.