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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Fado this morning: Portuguese songs of longing and loss, fate and destiny. Above, the incomparable Mariza performs my favorite of her songs,"Chuva" (by Jorge Fernando), in concert in Lisbon. Below, Christina Branco peforms "Trago Fado Nos Sentidos."

Tilly and I are listening to a lot of fado lately. I can't imagine why....

I'm still on deadline this week, down to the very last bits of work involved in putting After together (with Ellen Datlow) before it's handed over to its publisher (Hyperion)--whilst simultaneously juggling other books and projects in their various stages of completion. I've edited more than 30 short story anthologies in the past 30 years (I'm not ancient, I just started very young), but the work is never routine. Each book is unique and presents its own special set of creative challenges. 

I'll be posting here, but in a limited fashion until the book is done, done, done. Wish us luck!