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An over-piled work desk and friends/family coming to dinner this evening means this will be a very quick posting...but here are a few magpie gleanings I bookmarked to share with you this week:

* Nick Green (author of The Cat Kin) discusses magical cats in the Fairy Tale Reflections series at Katherine Langrish's Seven Miles of Steel Thistles.

* Patricia A. McKillip  discusses her book Bards of the Bone Plain at Locus Online. (It's an excerpt from a longer interview, "Fairy Tales Matter," in the print version of Locus.)

* Robin McKinley discusses her fairy tale novel Deerskin at Days in the Life (via Surlalune, where Heidi Anne Heiner posts a response. Readers might also be interested in Helen Pilinovsky's article on Donkeyskin/Deerskin/Allerleirauh fiction, in the JoMA archives.)

* Harriet Evans discusses ebooks and editors in The Guardian.

* The Los Angeles Times discovers steampunk.

* Rex sulks at John Barleycorn.

* The Intern discusses finding beauty in your manuscript, when you've misplaced it, at The Intern.

* Angela Bell follows the Mallorcan trail of George Sand and Chopin at Bright Star.

* NPR (National Public Radio in America) is compiling a list of readers' favorite sf and fantasy books. (Please vote if you can, as it would be nice to have some mythic fiction and literary fantasy on their final list.)

* Ellen Datlow won two Bram Stoker Awards from the Horror Writers' Association this past week: one for her anthology Haunted Legends, co-edited with Nick Mamatas, and one a Life Achievement Award. (Congratulations, Ellen and Nick!) I recommend Ellen's lovely acceptance speech for the latter,  which she has posted on her LJ page.

* Art recommendations this week: Rima Staines displays some gorgeous new paintings and drawings at The Hermitage; Lori Field shows a splendidly dream-like new piece, "My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses," at Saints, Warriors, Tigers, Lovers, Art (I love the deer); while over on the New York Times website, there's a terrific slide show of photographs by Nancy LeVine -- taken from her most recent project: photographing aging dogs across America (via Gwenda Bond). And if you haven't visited Midori Snyder's In the Labyrinth lately, there are several delights in store, from Persian and Nigerian art to djinns and German black papercuts.

* Videos this week: Basil Jones & Adrian Kohler, of Handspring Puppet Company, discuss the creation of their remarkable "War Horse" puppet; and Malcolm Gladwell discusses the 10,000 hour rule (via Debbie Styer at Bluehour Studio).

Have a good weekend.