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Yoann Lossel and Claire Bryant

Please don't miss the fabulous "Around the Table" discussion with French artists Yoann Lossel and Claire Briant over on John Barleycorn today. (Yes, it's the same Yoann and Claire whose desks were featured here a couple of weeks ago.)

The photo above is of Yoann and Claire near their home in Brittany (photographed by fellow artist David Thiérrée).

The photos below are of our Tilly with writer & Goblin Fruit editor Amal El-Mohtar: the first one taken at the top of the hill behind our house last Saturday; the second one from September, 2009, when Tilly was just a pup. Amal hails from Canada but is currently living in Cornwall, not far from here, while she works on her PhD (involving fairies!) at the Cornwall campus of the University of Exeter.

Amal El-Mohtar & Tilly Windling-Gayton

Tilly & Amal

As for me, I'm away with the fairies today, and will be back on Monday.

Hatchling Fairy