Fairy Tale Depravity
On daring to be foolish, once again

Among the flowers


As Tilly perches among the flowers on a lazy summer afternoon, I'm reminded of what this spot looked like when we first moved into Bumblehill: a sad patch of land at the back of the yard by the border of the woods. First we built the two-room cabin that is used as Howard's office now....

Cabin construction

...and then Howard put on his gardening cap and got to work on the land itself...

Cabin construction 2

...transforming a muddy, weedy, unloved bit of ground ...

Cabin construction 3

...into a garden rich in color and scent...

The cabin in midsummer 2011

...full of birds and bees and butterflies...


...and one little black dog. Who believes, of course, that he did it all just for her.

Tilly in the flowers 2