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It's a bit of dog-themed post today. Above: the American jazz singer Nellie McKay plays "The Dog Song" in Monterey, California, in 2008.

Below: the English singer/songwriter Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf Islam) performs "I Love My Dog" on the BBC in the 1970s. Despite the controversial religious views he adopted later in life, I still adore this man's early music -- which got me through some very hard years in my adolescence, bless him.


Want more? Try, Nina Nastasia's "A Dog's Life":

Pulp's "Dogs are Everywhere:

And The Be Good Tanya's "Dogsong":

And just so the cat-lovers don't feel left out,
here's The Stray Cats with "The Stray Cat Strut":


Today's tunes go out to my fellow-Faery Godmother Carol Amos (happy birthday tomorrow, Carol!), who is just as sappy about dogs as me and Howard. The pointer pup in the photo below is Juno, Carol's family dog (and Tilly's BFF).

Puppu Junp 2010"In the Doghouse," photograph by Carol Amos.


I can't resist to add another video:
and the wonderful lyrics:

What a cute doggie photo that took me a minute to find! I, too love the old Cat Stevens. I have a tape that I play in class on my old boom box and my students wonder who he is. I sometimes wonder where his music would have gone if he hadn't dropped it for a while, but he made such an impact even with the short span of his career as Cat.

i still love the early cat stevens, too. for humans, dog love is very, very good indeed.

In these dog days of Summer, there's nothing so cheerful as a dog. What a playfully refreshing compilation - and, oh, the subtlety of that photo of Tillie's best friend way over to the right in shadow so only the white tips of paws and nose-saddle markings show!

Alas, we're not having the "dog days of summer" here in Devon. It's been chilly, damp, and grey since May, with only a few bright, warm days here and there. Brrrrr. It's beautiful in its own way, but it doesn't feel like a proper summer.

Thanks, Karan!

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