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Flying away....


A little critter I call I'm going to be away for the next two-and-a-bit weeks, and then back again on September 1.

In the mean time, if you find yourself missing your daily slice
of Dartmoor, there are lots of other folks in the village doing interesting work. Follow these links to take a neighborhood stroll....

Nick Baker (naturalist/writer)

Elizabeth-Jane Baldry (harpist/composer/filmmaker)

Danielle Barlow: Notes from the Rookery (mythic artist)

Brian & Wendy Froud (mythic painter & sculptor/writer)

Alan Lee (mythic artist/film designer)

Marja Lee Kruyt (mythic artist/harpist)

Virginia Lee (mythic artist)

Yuli Somme (textile artist)

Shilstone2 Rima Staines & Tom Hirons (mythic artists/writers)

William Todd-Jones (puppeteer/dramatist)

David Wyatt (mythic artist/musician)

Daughters Elvin (medieval music & dance)

The Chagford Filmmaking Group
(their new website is absolutely enchanting)

...and go here for more.


Dragon and dad

(For photo titles, place your curser over the images.)