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How to Build a Good Life, Part II


So true, some of us can waste our one and only chance at life, by allowing ourselves to be taken over by the bad stuff. A lifetime is so precious. A beautiful photograph, now all this is worth celebrating. Warm wishes to you and yours at this difficult time oxox

When I lapse into cynical moments I imagine personalities are simply amalgamations of their defenses, habitual responses to the slings and arrows of living. Anyone who has lived a little has seen some serious stuff, been sucker-punched by people they trusted and scattershot by the world's apparent indifference. But we can't stuff all those things in the backpack and then complain about the weight we're carrying. The first power, and best defense, is in the choice as to where to focus attention. I choose to focus on possibilities, the things I'm grateful for, the things I'm proud of, and try to be compassionate. As best I can.

A beautiful quote (one i feel i need to print out and put somewhere i will see often) and a beautiful image. thank you.

Lovely quote. Dr. Angelou has her share of wisdom, doesn't she?

I think this can be such a struggle at times, especially if one is dealing with something that is of a longer-term nature. It is so easy to think, "this has changed me and made me less of who I was" when the truth is that it has changed me, but I get to decide whether it makes me less than I was before the experience or not.

You are a wise man, Leland. And a lovely one. Hey, three years ago today we were drinking champagne together at Ellen & Delia's in New York! Howard and I raise a glass to you and Elizabeth from across the Atlantic....

Thank you, everyone, as always, for your words and thoughts.

This is such a wonderful sentiment and so what I needed to read at the moment as I'm in the midst of dealing with some of those "slings and arrows of living", as you so aptly put it.

Thank you.

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