Friday morning: Living in Gratitude

Stone Telling

Stcover-iss5 Don't miss the new issue of Stone Telling Magazine, which is focused on myth and mythic poetry this time out. The poetry gathered here is simply stunning, the photographic illustrations are terrific, and the Roundtable on Story and Identity (Julia Rios with Mike Allen, Erik Amundsen, Shira Lipkin, Koel Mukherjee, Delia Sherman, and JT Stewart) would be worth the price of admission alone -- except there is no price of admission, all these treasures are generously offered up free of charge.

You'll also find an insightful review from Mike Allen, a discussion of multicultural myths and poetry from Emily Jiang, and some very kind words about The Journal of Mythic Arts from Amal El-Mohtar, Brittany Warman, and Alan Yee. (*blush*)

Midori Snyder and I do miss JoMA...but we're thrilled beyond telling that a younger generation has picked up the editorial torch and is lighting new pathways into the mythic tradition. The editors here are Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan, with editorial assistant Jennifer Smith.  It's the magazine's fifth issue, and it's going from strength to strength. Bravo to everyone involved.

And thank you.


So nice to see this celebration of JoMA. (I miss it too, which is why I visit here and Midori Snyder's blog.)

Terrific poetry in this issue of stone telling: very mythic and nicely culturally diverse. Love the Delia Sherman poem especially...oh my!

Thank you; I'm thrilled that you like the issue!

JoMA helped me understand why poetry is *necessary*, and not just pretty. So anything this part of the ST team does is thanks to you guys :)

"Bravo to everyone involved. And thank you."

And thank *you* for giving us such a valuable resource.

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