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I LOVE Eva Cassidy, her version of this song is the best I think. Beautiful. Thanks Terri. ox

Heartbreaking--breathtaking--soars up out of the depths just as it's meant to--the richness and craft like a mature truth arrived.

I love Eva Cassidy. And she came up not too long ago on another blog I follow, where a song I hadn't heard of before was shared.
Thanks for this start to the day!

Em, thanks for the link and for bringing me over here. Hello Terri, another Eva fan here. Looking forward to getting to know your blog!

Wonderful version, beautiful, thanks and happy autumn, Terri!

Just beautiful!

In this area, Eva's legacy is rather personal. We lived near Annapolis for many years, my wife is from there. Eva was from nearby Bowie. She was one of those folks who was in bands, and worked at the places that the creative folks did. So there are lots of friends in the region for whom her passing was of a friend, a lover, etc.

There is an art studio in the Annapolis area, that I will leave nameless, but it produces very expensive painted furniture, and hires local artists, a couple of dozen or more, to work in it. Much of the region's artists have passed through there, as it is an opportunity to get paid to paint. Not your own designs, but still. It is akin to an office environment, only instead of cubicles there are plywood work tables. My wife and I worked there. The table next to us was Eva's old table. A bit of graffiti, a splash of paint. Some brushes, still in a can. It was only '97, the year after her death.

Ever time I listen to her music, I feel like I missed something. Like I arrived on the scene just after a big event, and everyone was still talking about it, only you weren't there.

I still listen.

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