Tune for a Monday Morning

The Dog's Tale: What I Did on My Summer Vaction

by Tilly Windling-Gayton

Tilly's Summer Vacation

Here's what I did.

I crossed over a stream:

Crossing the stream

I climbed up a hill:

Nattadon 3 - Aug 2011

I checked to see if the blackberries were ripe yet (they weren't):

Looking for ripe blackberries

I walked by the river with my family:

River walk

I chased a stick:

Fetching a stick 1

I brought it back again:

Fetching a stick 3

I was startled when three more black dogs appeared:

3 more black dogs

I got very wet:

Wet tilly

I found a very smelly ball:


I gave up the ball in exchange for a very big bone:

Bone 3

And I fell asleep in the sun beside my People, dreaming of the cats and rabbits I musn't chase (but in my dreams I do).

Snoozing back home


This dogs life in these dog days is
delightfully, deliciously domestic-
an idyll incarnate of canine pleasure.

Such a charming little poem. Thank you!

How we love Miss Tilly...this would be a charming picture book for us and oh kids! I loved The Lonely doll(i date myself) but Tilly would be a very less creepy subject! Happy autumn! Nap in the sun is the best thing ever!

These pictures are so happy-making. I especially love the one of her with her bone. Thank you for the Tilly reports.

Fabulous photos!

Summer over?

Yesterday it suddenly returned! 'Hope it's lovely weather where you are too.

Looks like someone had a big pile of fun these days. And look how beautiful her fur glows! :)

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