Tune for a Monday Morning

The Dog's Tale: What I Did on My Summer Vaction

by Tilly Windling-Gayton

Tilly's Summer Vacation

Here's what I did.

I crossed over a stream:

Crossing the stream

I climbed up a hill:

Nattadon 3 - Aug 2011

I checked to see if the blackberries were ripe yet (they weren't):

Looking for ripe blackberries

I walked by the river with my family:

River walk

I chased a stick:

Fetching a stick 1

I brought it back again:

Fetching a stick 3

I was startled when three more black dogs appeared:

3 more black dogs

I got very wet:

Wet tilly

I found a very smelly ball:


I gave up the ball in exchange for a very big bone:

Bone 3

And I fell asleep in the sun beside my People, dreaming of the cats and rabbits I musn't chase (but in my dreams I do).

Snoozing back home