Happy Hallowe'en
Reflections on the Muse

A new day

Sunrise 1

Sunrise 7

Sunrise 6

Sunrise 10

"We only truly appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness."

Indeed. And that old chestnut is true of course, on so many levels: creative, intellectual, physical, spiritual, political, trans-personal, trans-species-onal (okay, I made up that word; what I mean is our relationships with animals, birds and other nonhuman beings), etc. etc., etc..  Every morning, as nature renews herself, I'm reminded that, in our personal and creative lives, new beginnings are not only possible, but that change and renewal is expected of us, coded into our very make-up and supported by every breath of life around us.

Tilly on hill 2

Above: The sunrise from the hill behind my studio, looking out toward Meldon Mill and the open moor in the far distance. Tilly sits in our favorite sunrise-watching spot, with my Liberty shawl and usual thermos of strong Italian coffee on the bench behind her.