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I'm running a little late this morning (or, rather, hopping-on-one-foot a little late, because I stupidly managed to sprain my ankle over the Thanksgiving weekend), so I'm afraid the promised "Inspiring Women" post will go up tomorrow morning instead. In the meantime:

All readers living here in the south-west of England are cordially invited to gig above. The Nosy Crows consists of song-writer extraordinaire Jenny Dooley (vocals), painter Steve Dooley (on percussion), book illustrator David Wyatt (on lead guitar, mandolin, and bouzouki), and my husband Howard (on vocals, rhythm guitar, and additional percussion), with an occasional surprise guest sitting in.

Perhaps we'll see some of you there on Friday night? I'll be the one with the limp....


Sounds like fun, I'll be there in spirit! Have you got any 'Nosy Crows' music links (for those of us too far away to enjoy the live show), or are they all too shy to be recorded?! Hope you feel better soon Terri, I guess it means no dancing for a while!

And I'll be the one trying not to act like an idiot if someone offers her a seat....

...and no walks with Tilly for a few more days, which is sadder still.

The crows are in the process of recording some tunes, but they've not got anything out there publicly yet. I'll post a link when they do.


What's with ankles on Thanksgiving? I also took a spectacular fall, have a black foot with spreading bruises. Hop-a-long Yolen.


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