Inspiring Women: Phoebe Traquair & Jane Yolen
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Oh Terri, your posts are sublime. Thankyou for your generosity. oxox

A beautiful offering today Terri, thank you!

Somehow, in all my wanderings in the fields of art, I have never seen that Dulac. Wow. Just lovely. That one will be printed now. Thanks.

thank you for sharing a part of yourself your world and your vision. not to mention the little mice. sweet dreaming.

Hi Terri. I would like to support you and your art. I checked your Etsy shop and there are no prints for sale. I would love to buy one as I've always loved your work. Can you direct me somewhere I might find a print to buy?
Thanks for sharing your fun world.

Lovely Quote and so true.I have been taken up with political deeds and angst this week so it was timely to be reminded of that. Beautiful illustration and Tilly pic too. All the best Angela

Hi Terri
Thanks for the monday morning songs.
I now have music for you but I cannot sent it to you I think, but maybe you can find it somewhere on You Tube... The latest Kate Bush album, 50 Words For Snow.
It makes me think of you and I actually don't know you...
I hope you 'll enjoy it.
Love Carool.

This is a beautiful blog,I adore it,my dear friend Tammie was right to talk about this gorgeus place!

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