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The Bone Love truck is backing up as we speak!!! I am a girl of myth and fantasy so thank you for keeping it Most Important!!! Janette

Hope everything works out well for you all. lol Angela

Such an incredible showing of support, how wonderful!

You gave us the opportunity to increase the amount of love, luck, and good in the world. Pretty good trade.

The Bone Truck is backing up....beep, beep, beep...

Best wishes! Lots of fairy dust.

I think Tilly is going to faint or have a heart attack when she sees the number of bones in the Bone Truck.

I'm blown away and awed by how many bones were generated. :) I am waiting to hear from my high bidder, and then it's cookie-baking time!

Love to you, Terri. ♥

This is wonderful - such a magical opportunity for the community to create more art! I have started my poetry/artist's book thing today :) You'll see the end result in 2012.

Rose, I *loved* your auction offering. The winner is lucky indeed. Thank you.

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