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Beautiful light in these photos! And Tilly seems to have shapeshifted from clown to Zen-dog meditating in the woods - caught in the moment before before she was off an running again?

She *does* have a Zen side. She often sits like this in the woods, when I'm sitting on those same rocks beside her writing or reading or meditating...her little nose twitching as she "reads" the wind, catching up on all the news of the woodland life around her.

Sending early morning greetings to you in your woods, Valerianna.

Oh, I do so love the pictures of Tilly you post, and this quote is perfect. I grew up with dogs, and as an adult, have had them in my life for so long that I don't know what the world is like without them. Thank you for sharing Tilly's world with us!

Thanks for the early morning blessings, Terri. I haven't had a dog companion in so long, I thought maybe only cats had Zen moments! Pahsa cat does the same thing when I sit on the "whispring stone" in my woods and listen.

Hi Terri,

The best thing for me that just happend this morning is to suddenly meet your great, so intensivly inspiring blog and your dog Tilly. Thank you, Terri and thank you Tilly!

Heart to heart greet

from Tilly (Netherlands)

Shall I put a link to your blog on my blog?

You're very welcome to do so!

How very nice to meet another Tilly! Thank you for your kind words about this blog. Your art work is lovely.

I will do so.

:-)for me too its nice to meet another Tilly. ( I am greeting her in spirit)
My art work , thanks for visiting. Nice that it speaks to you. You have a great blog, Terri. Mightbe I once shall make an english blog of mine so that it is more readable, though my english shall must become better. Time shall learn.

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