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Gentle Readers,

We're entering a particularly difficult stretch of the Life Stuff that is affecting me and my family, so my on-line time is going to be quite limited in the weeks ahead. This blog will keep going, for--in a quiet moment--I prepared a number of posts in advance (like the one posted earlier today)...and I'll still pop in to read the comments in response, but I may not have time to respond to comments while we're in the midst of the storm. Be assured that I appreciate them all the same.

I look forward to the day when the storms are behind us, and I can return to this blog (and writing! and art!) properly again...


May you have the strength of the tree that bends before the storm, without breaking.

I hope that you come through this and look forward to seeing the new paths you tread.

Good thoughts for your clouds to pass quickly and the sun to shine once again. I can't wait for your art to appear again. It does make me smile. To light!

I'm sending you good thoughts from Maine, and one of my favorite Sara Teasdale poems:

"I saw above a sea of hills
A solitary planet shine,
And there was no one, near or far,
to keep the world from being mine."
~Sara Teasdale

May you and your family climb to the top of the hill soon, and once again feel that the world is yours.

May all the good in the world(s) surround you and yours and protect you from harm and keep our beacon of light and knowledge safe.

In California, there is a golden light with your name on it. Hopefully the signal will not weaken on it's travel to Dartmoor and to your heart. With all the chaos the storm brings, don't forget to breathe and.....to smile. Know that you are loved.

Thinking of you:

All of my best to you and your family, Terri! Sending good thoughts your way in hopes that you will be creating without interruption soon again! :)

The very, very best for you and yours from Los Angeles.

Will be thinking good thoughts and sending sunbeams.

You and Howard are rarely far from my thoughts. Love, Stu.

here's a link to that old Pink Floyd song "Shine on you crazy diamond"
it always helps when in the midst if the mire

Like JenniferWriter, I too, send you good wishes from Maine. I hope all stormy times resolve themselves peacefully for you and your family. You have been a source of information and inspiration from the Endicott Studio days. May the goodness you have sent out to thousands of others come back to you!

Good luck and lol,angela

sending healing golden light to you and yours, (from Alison of Acorn Cottage), my wish is that you all come to a safe harbor...

"Try to remember a life gentled by daily acts of domestic faith —
the pot set to boil, the bed made up, the table set
in calm expectation
that when the sun sets
we will still be here"
~ Lynn Ungar

wishing you and yours grace each breath of the way.
sending light from Montana.

bright blessings on you Terri, your blog space is one of such beauty that I never leave without feeling inspired. I hope the storms pass and that you and yours come to a safe place of light and healing. Thank you too for the reminder that Karine Polwart is just one of the best, and for posting even in dark times.

Luck, and peace, and breath be with you, dear lady.

I wish you well from all the way across the world in New Zealand.

Ribbons of strength and light and love are twining around you from all over the planet.

Also from New Zealand, sending much love and warm wishes for you and your family during a difficult period.

"Wo aber Gefahr ist, wächst das Rettende auch" (But where danger is, there grows also that which saves), said the German poet Friedrich Hölderin. May his words hold true for you and your loved ones!

God's speed and strength in your passage as you weather your storm!

Good luck and take care.

a little needle chanting here. take care.

All the best from down under Terri, I hope this is all dealt with quickly and quietly and you can put it all behind you soon and get back to the things that make your heart sing and your soul soar.

I send you my strength and support, my prayers to you and to your family, Terri.

May you weather this storm with the inner strength and calm of a grand tree,all of you...

All the very best to you and your family Terri, keep smiling. ox

Take care of yourselves, take what shelter you can during the storm.

Wishing you and your family through this storm, as well and as quickly as possible.

Just thinking of you, that is all, and directing light your way. Be of good cheer - there are indeed brighter times ahead.

I hope things improve for you soon. Meantime, just the beautiful images you post - the art and the lovely photos of your walks (I like in the city, so I can't see all that every day!) - always lift my spirits in the midst of utter Life Stuff chaos, so thank you.

Catching up with your site, and wishing you well and adding light to shine upon you and yours from
my aery over Isadora Duncan Alley in San Francisco. We always have a stunning magic golden light
around 5 PM, our time. Magic is alive.

Sending you light, love, and music from the Canadian Maritimes. This morning I played my fiddle by the edge of the sea and sent the music over the waves to you, Tilly, and the family. Be well and be strong.

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