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Snow and phantoms



Howard joins in.

No, it hasn't snowed again, not in Devon anyway. These pictures, recently sent to me by my friend Shany Niv (artist and master creator of magical domestic spaces) were taken two winters ago -- showing our Tilly, Shany's Ozzie, and Howard cavorting in the snow on the village Commons.


Readers of this blog have met Ozzie before, in the "On Your Desk" post about Shany's studio last spring, as well as back in 2009 when Tilly was just a pup. And readers of David Wyatt's blog have also met Ozzie, in the gorgeous painting "Comfort in Quilting"(which is, by the way, now available as a print in David's Etsy shop).


As for me, I've got flu and deadlines this week...not a very good combination, alas. And Tilly is moping on the sofa beside me, in the last phase of a phantom pregnancy. We're hoping that she "gives birth" soon (she's been nesting quite a bit, so the time is probably close), after which she'll finally snap back into her usual bouncy self.

Rex Van Ryn often claims that he, too, has a dog, but that his dog is an invisible one. So now I'm wondering if phantom pregnancies are where invisible dogs come from? I'm imagining Tilly's invisible phantom puppies chasing each other around the house, identifiable only by touch and sound. There's a story or a painting in there somewhere.....

9All of the photographs in this post are by Shany Niv, and appear here with her permission.