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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Going home

The situation I came to New York to attend to has reached a successful conclusion, and I'll be heading home soon. I feel like I should have something more mythic and eloquent to say about it here, but after six months of having our lives dominated by this fearful, time-consuming, and costly ordeal, its resolution has left me somewhat stupefied with relief. I'm so very grateful to everyone who organized, contributed to, and participated in the auction last December, which gave us the financial resources to seek the expert help that has made this outcome possible. It's been a long journey, but the end is in sight now. The sun is shining. I'm going home.

The gorgeous song above comes from the much-anticipated new Mumford & Sons album (due out later in the year). It's called "Home," and although the lyrics as a whole don't relate to my own situation, the last lines of the song do, and have been running through my head all morning....

"And I'll be home in a little while, lover, I'll be home."

Home to my husband, daughter, pup, and the hills of Devon. At last.

Coming home