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Two stories: Dartmoor and the Dales

This Sunday, at The Picture House in Exeter:

The Laidley Worm



I'm still on my "online hiatus" this week, but wanted to pop in briefly to post the flyer above, for the premier of the new fairy tale film by the Chagford Filmmaking Group. We'll all be there (our daughter played the dragon in the film, and Howard's mum worked on costumes)...and perhaps we'll see some of you who live in the West Country at the premier too...?

I'll be back on this blog on Wednesday, May 2nd. In the meantime, a few quick recommendations, if you haven't come across these items already:

New Portrait of Janey Morris; Molly Crabapple's Week in Hell; "Dear Daughter" by Mur Lafferty; "Girls Who Read" by Mark Grist, and Axel, the thatcher's dog.

Tilly sends her regards.

Bluebells3 Click on the picture for a larger version, in which you can see the bluebells....


I wish I lived close enough to come! Alas the drive from Wiltshire is just a bit too far, so I'll have to wait until the film is out on dvd. I have the dvd of "Cherry of Zenor" and I love what this group is doing - it's such a smart way to get kids involved with film-making and art-making and teaching them about our British fairy tale heritage at the same time. Plus their website is completely charming.

I probably speak for many when I say I look forward to your return to blogging next week, Terri. (I hope your time away was productive.) I love the links, especially Alex the thatcher's dog.

All best to you and the adorable Tilly.

How exciting--I hope there will be a way to purchase the video/dvd in future from over here across the pond. Meanwhile, i will content myself just imagining. Thank you for other links as well. I'm off to investigate them. Big hugs to you three.

My first attempt didn't post. Hmmmm...well I only said that the film is exciting--that I hope it will become available for purchase as VHS or DVD--that I wish you three joy and I am going to investigate the other links--and thank you.

Too far away to attend? Show support by feeding the fairies!

Michelle, you can purchase some of their DVDs from their website. I've got two, and they seem to work fine here, even though we are a different dvd 'region' in Australia. If you have a Blue-Ray, I don't think you'll have any problems. And definitely worth it, they are gorgeous to watch, and the dvd 'extras' are delightful too.

Looking forward to your return to blogging, Terri, and I hope you've managed to catch up on all the bits that got put on the backburner, and can now relax and enjoy the Dartmoor spring!

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